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Bandwise LLC
Monday, Jun 08, 2009 2:03pm

Bandwise LLC is a web solutions firm headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana serving as a developer and beta test site for Bird Dog File Station.  President and CEO, Allen Marsalis says, "Our clients wanting to build new websites are not always tech-savvy as we would like.  It is not unusual for a customer to send us an email with a dozen pictures, an email that is probably not going to make it through due to size limitations of various email servers on the Internet.  We sometimes try to set them up with FTP but that requires a lot of time and explaination on how to install special FTP software and how to use it."

Marsalis continues, "Last week we were assisting a customer in setting up a VPN.  When we tried to email the customer his certificates (.crt files) Microsoft Outlook automatically blocked them as a potential security risk with no way to accept or unblock the files attached to the email.  We simply put the files on Bird Dog File Station and the customer was able to download them with no problem."

Smith, Pugh & Company
Monday, Jun 08, 2009 1:58pm

Smith, Pugh & Company is an accounting firm headquartered in Shreveport, Louisiana serving as a beta test site for the development of Bird Dog File Station.  Dwight Pugh, Senor Executive of the firm says, "Bird Dog File Station is easy for my clients to use.  Ease-of-use is the most important need for my customers.  They just go to our website,  log in, and their files are right there in front of them. Nothing could be easier."

Pugh continues, "For my office staff, Bird Dog is fast.  All of our customer files that we require reside on our own server right here in our office.  We installed our Bird Dog File Station appliance right next to our router in our server room where it is fast and secure.  We tried using other services to share files over the Internet, but they were way too slow.  When our Internet connection goes down, we used to be totally cut off from our customers files, but not any more.  During an Internet outage we keep on uploading and downloading our files to the Bird Dog File Station as usual.  When our Internet service is restored, customers can then access updated files or upload new ones."


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